THE BLOG OF WHYS AND HOWS – with author Jenn J McLeod.

A huge welcome to Jenn! Thanks for stopping by just as Season of Shadow and Light is about to hit the shelves! I was very fortunate to have received an advance copy and finished reading it in two days. It was unputdownable!! Congratulations, Jenn.

Season of Shadow and Light had me laughing, crying and wondering what would happen next. It is definitely a Paige Turner (inside book joke!) This book has it all. Love the family intrigue and drama, secrets, lies, half-truths, betrayals, ultimate love and redemption…and of course, horses! 

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Welcome, Jenn! So, why are you here?

1. Because you invited me.You’ve been a pretty big influence on me and on my writing. I’ve loved all your books. (Shucks, thank you.)
2. Because big breaks (no, I’m not talking about Claudia’s Big Break) are kind of topical right now.

 WHY topical?
1. Because I am taking a pretty big break (more on that later) and . . .
2. Because your novel, Claudia’s Big Break, gets a mention in my next novel. (An author/book mention by one of my characters in a novel is my little way of paying homage to the authors who have inspired me.) (Thank you so much. I was surprised and delighted. Very kind of you.)

Okay, so about the OTHER big break?

It’s the ultimate in breaks, a massive life-changing event, a fresh start.Late last year I downsized, selling my little corner of country and shifting fulltime into a caravan.

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Eek! Why a caravan?
1. To travel this vast country and find new inspiration for my small town stories. (I guess you can say I’ve run out of friends and family to fictionalise.)  (I know that feeling.)
2. To do less housework and NO gardening. (Yep. I hear you!)

So that’s the ‘WHY’. Now, how about the ‘HOW’?

HOW did you feel about selling everything?

1. Liberated: it was surprisingly therapeutic to let go of life’s clutter. (And, wow, did I have some clutter!)
2. Happy: as every dollar I made went into my wine kitty. (Wine kitty looking good, so are Lisa’s wine bottles!)

HOW did this travel dream of yours begin?
Dare I say . . . It Started With A Kiss about 30-odd years ago, but that’s another story for another time. (Thanks for the book plug…and I am intrigued.)

Speaking of stories and time, your third novel, Season of Shadow and Light, is out on May 1! Again, congratulations. It’s an outstanding read.Tell us a bit about it.

Well, there are three wonderful characters whose time has come. The tagline goes something like this:

Sometime this season:
The secret keeper must tell.
The betrayed must trust.
The hurt must heal.


I am pretty excited about this novel. As the name suggests, this novel has shades of light and dark, with themes that deal with betrayal, tragedy, family loyalty and trust—the kind of trust that takes years to build but only seconds to wash away.
With shades of dark and light, as well as an enduring love story and a fun flirtation that I got so much enjoyment out of writing, you will laugh, you may cry.  (I certainly shed a tear!)

Jenn, your early reviews are encouraging:
“Jenn J McLeod delivers her best yet – a winning story of self-discovery, acceptance, renewal and coming home, in a distinctively Australian setting.”

I am sure Season of Shadow and Light will be a runaway success for you, Jenn. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for hosting me, lovely Lisa.

For your chance to WIN all THREE Jenn J McLeod novels* simply leave a comment below. From now until the end of May Jenn drops into some of her favourite author blogs to say hello to readers old and new. She’ll then collect the comment names from each author blog post, picking a lucky winner from one major draw and announcing the name at the end of May on her website.

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If you’d like to find out more about Jenn and her contemporary women’s fiction about small towns keeping big secrets, head on over to her website or, like me, follow the Facebook and Twitter fun.
Twitter: @jennjmcleod
*Book Pack: House for all Seasons (#5 Top Selling Debut novel, 2013), Simmering Season, and Season of Shadow and Light. (Australian postal address only)

15 thoughts on “THE BLOG OF WHYS AND HOWS – with author Jenn J McLeod.

  1. Great interview Lisa! I loved both of Jenn’s first two books and have Season of Light and Shadow on my Kindle, which I’ve been meaning to get around to. You’ve re-inspired me so will read this weekend, I’m sure it will only take me a few sittings knowing Jenn’s amazing ability to pull me into her stories. 🙂

  2. Jenn – every best wish for ‘Season of Shadow and Light’. It looks fantastic.
    Lisa and Jenn – thanks for the interview, and for the opportunity to win this prize pack.
    You are both very inspiring in terms of getting out there and making things happen..

  3. Hi Ladies

    Two of my favourite authors having a chat. Love all your books and must catch up with Season of Shadow and Light.

    Hmm long time since I did my seven times table!

  4. I love Lisa’s books but I’m yet to read any of Jenn McLeod’s books. After reading this interview Jenn’s new book sounds great. I’ll add it to my list of books to read! (Would love to win!!)

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