Thank You, Cardiff Library

I’m having a great time visiting libraries and chatting about writing, reading …most topics really, and of course, my latest release ‘It Started with a Kiss‘.

Cardiff library 1

Thanks Debbie Robson for this photo!


Last Friday, I had the privilege of visiting Cardiff Library, up Newcastle way! It was a great night, not only because I caught up with lovely friends like Cathy Shay, Susan Whelan and Tracey Baglin, but because the audience asked terrific, insightful questions, laughed at my lame attempts at humour and genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves.

Looking a bit intense! Thanks to Susan Whelan for the photo.

Looking a bit intense! Thanks to Susan Whelan for the photo.

I was a bit sad when the evening was over, and have to say that doing events like these, is what makes all the alone hours writing and thinking up plausible plot lines, worth it.I could have stayed all night and chatted with guests!

Amanda from Maclean's Books. Thanks Cathy Shay for the photo!

Amanda from MacLean’s Books. Thanks Cathy Shay for the photo!

Huge shout out to Julie and Melissa at Cardiff Library – I’d happily come back this week if you asked me…not that I want to be tagged as your resident author stalker. Also to Amanda at MacLean Books. Thank you for coming along. I was very impressed with your stock!

Thanks again, Cathy Shay for the photo!

Thanks again, Cathy Shay for the photo!

So, if you’d like me to pop along to your local library, book club, twenty-first or bat Mitzbah, please call me. Chances are I’m free and would love to come!

10 thoughts on “Thank You, Cardiff Library

  1. How wonderful to hear how much you enjoy reader events. I often wonder if they’re a necessary evil for writers and they can’t wait to get away from them. Lovely to get the other perspective!


    • Hi Deb,
      I love reader events. I especially like Q & A’s because often a question will remind me of something I haven’t thought about for months or longer. I really enjoy hearing what readers have to say about books, covers, back cover blurbs, POV, etc… Good or bad, it’s interesting. I always learn something at reader events.

  2. Oh my gosh! I’ve read Claudia’s big break. I loved that book. I lost the majority of my books in the Queensland floods of 2010 and was so sad about it. My friend bought me Claudia’s big break as my first book to start up my collection again. How lovely to have you in IBOT this week. #teamIBOT

    • Hi Renee,
      What a nice friend! But sorry about your losses in the Queensland floods. I am trying to make an effort to blog more and get more involved in social media, so thank you very much for welcoming me to IBOT (I Blog On Tuesdays) #teamIBOT xx

  3. What a fun night we all had, and you were not only funny and entertaining but interesting and knowledgeable about the process.
    Great blog too 🙂
    Come back again soon xo

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