It’s really here! The Callahan Split

After months of blood, sweat and tears I can hardly believe that today I get to tell you that my next book is finally here. It is!

The Callahan Split – now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo. I’ll post details of iBooks shortly.

Delivered to your Kindle August 1 2015.

I really love this one and believe me when I say that a little piece of me is contained in every full stop in the book!

Here’s what you’re in for: The Callahan Split…

The Callahan Split by Lisa Heidke

So here’s the blurb:

The Callahan Split: No one knows you better than your sister.

‘In pro tennis just as in any memorable film or book, you have your hero, villain, heroine, damsel in distress, rake and, of course, the girl next door…Let me tell you a story.’
Samantha Callahan

In tennis, as in life, nothing ever goes truly to plan.
Samantha and Annie Callahan are successful doubles champions — the toast of the Olympics, Wimbledon, and Flushing Meadow. But their winning partnership spirals out of control when Annie’s new boyfriend announces their engagement at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

‘Janko has the announcement. To say my bride, Annie, is for me the new koala. It matters not that Annie win tennis, she is Janko’s new wife, about to be.’

Bear, the sisters’ coach, guides Annie as much as she’ll allow. But when she insists on dropping Samantha in favour of a singles career, her game and rankings plummet.

‘You are such an older sister,’ Bear said. ‘Controlling, logical, determined.’
I glared at him.
‘What? You are. Annie’s more relaxed, sociable. God forbid if you were both like you.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
Bear snorted. ‘You’d kill each other.’

Samantha is left floundering. Disillusioned, her only sweet spot is the growing passion between her and Bear.

I walked up to him, my mind blank, and pressed my lips to his. When I pulled away, there was a look of confusion on his face. Then he returned my kiss and I let my towel drop – again.
‘Sweetheart,’ he said, as we stumbled our way toward the bed. I silenced him with more kisses.

Amidst rising anger and betrayal, Samantha completely changes both their destinies when she does the unthinkable after a devastating Wimbledon loss.

A very bad thing!


Afterwards, the sisters are driven to create new lives by confronting the past and taking control of the present. But can Samantha and Annie both win?

The Callahan Split: Do you like the cover and the blurb?