Random musings about airplane travel…

I like the idea of it – holiday international air travel that is. (Or at least I did until recently when peri-menopause kicked in – and several planes dropped out of the sky and into the Atlantic, but let’s not dwell on that.)

The buzz of the airport, the promise of an exotic locale, and the lure of duty-free bargains.

duty free

It doesn’t matter that I don’t need another perfume, lipstick or that one litre bottle of Midori. It’s the thrill of buying at less than retail. I feel like a winner! But every time I go overseas (okay, it’s not often), I spend a few hundred dollars I can ill-afford, on make-up and other paraphernalia I don’t need and more than likely don’t even want. I once bought a pure Merino woollen shawl that subsequently was given to the dog! I always justify my purchases by saying, ‘It was a bargain. I couldn’t say no.’

duty free 3
Once seated on the plane, I accept everything the flight attendants offer.
Yesterday’s newspaper? Yes, please.
Peanuts? Sure!
How about a pair of paper-thin cotton socks that don’t keep your feet warm or protect you from the perils of the bathroom floor? Absolutely.

We’ll just add that to the booty of ear-plugs, annoying head-phones that never sit on my head properly, and the eye mask I acquired as I was walking down the aisle. The plane hasn’t even taken off yet, but I’m feeling pretty darn pleased with myself. Yes, I’ve spent all my money buying duty-free frivolities but look at all the freebies I’ve been given. And I haven’t even mentioned the miniscule pillow and threadbare navy rug I’ve commandeered. Squished into an uncomfortable cattle-class seat, surrounded by useless goodies, I can’t move a centimetre.

Inevitably, the man seated beside me weighs a tonne and his right arm encroaches on my armrest and I can only stare out the window for fear of making eye contact and having to start a conversation with him.
Usually, but not always, it’s raining when the plane starts taxiing down the runway. And as it takes off, I’m thinking, ‘Is this it? Am I going down?’ Usually these fatalistic thoughts are fleeting because I know the most dangerous time for crashes is during take-off and landing. (I’ve since added Severe Electrical Storms to that list. And in my mind, a light sprinkling of rain is close to a SES, and therefore sufficient cause for hysteria.)


When I hear the wheels fold up into the under carriage, I’m still thinking, ‘Am I going to die on this plane with all this ridiculous make-up I’ll never wear and Midori, I’ll never drink?’ Part of me, most of me, actually, wants to rip the top off the Midori and start guzzling but that’s rather undignified, so I refrain. I couldn’t even if I wanted to because the man beside me will be snoring and given that I’ll be in the window seat, prime viewing for when disaster occurs, I can’t reach the overhead locker!

So I calm myself down by perusing the in-flight duty-free magazine and congratulate myself on the restraint I have shown so far. There are so many gadgets and trinkets: Opal encrusted koala broaches, for example. Nothing anyone would ever want but obviously, they sell!

duty free 7At 40,000ft, flying over the sea, I’m feeling more relaxed, thanks to a couple of glasses of bubbles and a heavy head. But suddenly the plane goes deathly quiet (poor choice of words?) and I can no longer hear the roar of the engines. How can the engines be operating if there’s no noise?

What the hell is keeping the plane in the sky?

After waking my snoring neighbour and forcefully grabbing a passing flight attendant’s jacket, I explain my concerns. She rolls her eyes and assures me that everything is ‘normal’ and that the engine is in perfect working order.
Likely story! I gaze up at the overhead compartments. Time to crack open the Midori and lipstick. Maybe a dab of perfume. If I’m going down, I might as well go down, drunk, but smelling fragrant and with my lippie on!

*PS As luck would have it, I’m off to London in six weeks! Six weeks! I can barely contain my excitement!

duty free 6

10 thoughts on “Random musings about airplane travel…

  1. I suppose now isn’t the right time to mention that those oxygen bags that drop down in case of emergency or low cabin pressure actually only hold 12 minutes worth of oxygen?

    Even so, I’m still insanely jealous of your six weeks in London! What? Will we get a book out of it? 😉

    • Hi Jodi,
      I wish it was six weeks in London…instead it’s six weeks until I FLY to London. Will be there for just under three weeks – which isn’t too shabby. And, yes! There could be another book in it!
      Now, about those oxygen bags…

  2. So many ‘yes, yes, yes’ moments in that post and yet we are still taking our 1 and 5 year old on an international fliglht in June, except we are going so budget I’ll be happy just to offered a seat!

    • Hi Danielle, I did a flight to Italy with my oldest son, then nine months old…(I think I drugged him – but he is now 19 and at uni, so no harm done) but I vividly remember the pain of flying Sydney to Brisbane with two boys, 26 months and 10 months…the 10 month old had colic. It was the longest one hour and fifteen minutes of my life. I think we drove back from Brissy. After that we didn’t take the kids on an overseas trip (or leave the house) until they were 5, 7 & 8.
      However, I am sure you will have a brilliant flight. The one year old will sleep and the five year old will watch cartoons and eat! Bon Voyage! x

  3. How exciting – London here she comes! And look out duty free, no one is safe 😉
    Isn’t it rdiculous how excited we get about all the “free” stuff you get on a flight that we have more than paid for with our fare and is all so crappy anyway.

    • I know Malinda! I get so excited about duty free! I’ve still got unopened boxes of ‘stuff’ in my bathroom cupboard from when I went to Hong Kong last year. I really don’t need anymore!

  4. Wow, Lucky you ! Is it a romantic getaway to London? I can’t believe you would travel economy, or cattle class , as you call it. I’m sure you are First Class or at a push Business! As for the airport shopping, so true. I myself once splurged on a magazine and NEVER read it! Can you believe that! Well , have a great time, and try to relax and enjoy every minute.
    Only two weeks? Too short.

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