My children are piglets and I have the photos to prove it!

(This is It’s official. My children are rooming with slugs and cockroaches.)

I have three teenage children including two boys 17, and 19. We’ll call them B1 and B2.

I love them dearly but (and I’ll be gentle here) they’re filthy feral piglets. A week ago their rooms were tidy – thanks to me. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be leaving it to them to establish their independence and instil responsibility, we all know that. It’s the doing that’s exceptionally tricky.

So, as I was cleaning up I swore it would be the last time, we always swear it will be the last time, don’t we? With one son doing his HSC and the other at uni this really, truly ought to be the last time.


This is the child who doesn’t put sheets on his bed…and always has several wet towels on the floor! (I picked up all but one because I couldn’t stand it.)

I get it…and I know I’m fighting a losing battle because despite my best efforts only one week ago, I’m sure that right now there are rodents lurking in both rooms. At the very least there are ants and cockroaches.

My mum (who coincidentally also had three children, two of whom were pigs – I was perfect ) has advised me to ‘shut the door and forget about it.’

‘But one of them is sleeping without sheets,’ I ranted.

‘Well that’s just gross, Lisa.’ Pause. ‘Close the door and forget about it. Is there any wine in the fridge?’

As I am writing this post, the oldest has come downstairs saying, ‘Mum, there’s a slug in my room. Did you know I killed a cockroach last night?’

No, I didn’t, son, but I’m sadly not surprised.


(This is the child doing the HSC!)

Help! What do you do about your older kids’ bedrooms? Do you just close the door and hope they survive the filth?

6 thoughts on “My children are piglets and I have the photos to prove it!

  1. Your mum’s advice is sound, particularly about checking the fridge for wine (always keep it stocked!). I shut their doors when my delightful offspring were teenagers and only ranted when whatever mess was in their rooms began trickling out underneath. Make sure you have a supply of rat traps or rat kill blocks – and may I repeat, wine?

    The weird thing was, they changed when they finally moved out of home. Both are now clean-and-neatniks like their mother…

    • hi Christine,
      I have heard that from so many parents who tell me their kids were messy at home but as soon as they moved out, because tidy and clean. If that’s the case, could they start practising now?
      And yes, I get really antsy when the mess spreads beyond their pigsty rooms! x

  2. Hey Lis, I was very lucky, I didn’t have this problem, but I think it calls for some tough love. Firstly, warn them that if their rooms remain as they are, you will pack up everything and hold it in storage (which they will pay for) offsite. Secondly, leave newspaper ads for rooms to let (circled in red) in their faces. Thirdly, tell them the local Health Inspector is coming after receiving complaints about vermin to fumegate their rooms.

    I don’t know Lisa, it’s not funny, but you will be surprised at what happens to young men when they meet someone and what to move out of home. Mind you it will take about 6 – 10 years, but it’s well worth the wait !!
    I’ve just re read that and it sounds like you get rooms to rent! No, I meant the boys will change their thinking. It becomes a very steep learning curve.

    Good luck !!!

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