Karly Lane, rural fiction, noxious weeds and the silly season.

LH: Hi Karly, Thanks for stopping by less than two weeks till Christmas! EEK! What’s new with you?

KL: Life is pretty crazy at the moment in my world. I have novel number five called Gemma’s Bluff, now out. (Congratulations! LH)  We’re building a new house and every time I turn around someone’s counting down the days till Christmas WAY too fast!


LH: Like me, I guess. I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping. But Gemma’s Bluff, hey? Novel number five!

KL: Yes! Despite all that, I’m pretty excited to have Gemma out on the shelves. It seems to take such a long time to get to December… until it’s here!


LH: I am so excited for you. Can you tell me a bit about what Gemma’s story is about?

KL: Sure. Gemma has her life pretty much mapped out for her. She’s finished her University degree and is ready to step into the family business. Her best friend, Jazz, on the other hand, has no plans, no strings and no intention of allowing their last days of freedom to pass by without one final holiday together.
(Good on Jazz!)
So after organising with a farming friend from school to swap places for the summer break and work on her family’s farm, Jazz convinces Gemma to go on a working holiday; a real life McLeod’s Daughters experience. The only problem is once they arrive, Nash, brother of said friend they’ve swapped places with, thinks they’re experienced farm hands sent to give him some much needed help.
But it’s nothing that a little creative Googling and YouTubing can’t fix … how hard can it be to bluff your way through a bit of farm work….right?

LH: Hmm. Not sure I could get away with that. The story sounds fascinating. Lots of room for hijinks, mistakes and mayhem?

KL: I have to say Gemma and Jazz’s experience may well be life imitating art soon, as my family and I have just purchased a little place and are embarking on a ‘farm life’ adventure of our own! And yes, Mr Google has in fact helped me answer a few questions already. Like; what food scraps can you feed a cow without killing it? And if I accidently cook up a noxious weed thinking it was some kind of native herb…will it kill me? (Thankfully the answer to that was no! Although I won’t be trying that again anytime soon.) P.s are you picking up on the feeling that pretty much everything on a farm, in the hands of an amateur, has the potential to kill?

dunvegan 2

LH: Still, I envy you, living out in the country with the cows!

KL: Thanks. I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year! And if you’re looking for a summer read over the Christmas holidays, keep your eye out for Gemma’s Bluff. If you’d like to follow my farm journey to see what other unfortunate farming dilemmas we get ourselves into, feel free to friend me on Facebook for front row seats! Merry Christmas!


LH: Thanks, Karly! And a happy holiday season to you and yours…and your cows!

You can buy Gemma’s Bluff and Karly’s other books at bookshops, Target, K-Mart, Big-W and booktopia.com.au


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