Intro to Chick-Lit Course!

One of my favourite quotes is ‘The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time unlike, say, brain surgery.’ (Robert Cormier)

I love it because it’s so true. Very rarely do writers get it right the first, second or fifth time, but there are techniques and strategies you can develop to give yourself the best chance of completing your novel and being satisfied that you have crafted the finest story you can.

I am thrilled to be teaching an Intro to Chick-Lit course at the Sydney Writers’ Centre, June 16-17. where we’ll spend the weekend discussing all things Chick-Lit including but not limited to:

  • An overview of the Chick-Lit genre, examining popular elements.
  • Common author characteristics and making them work for you.
  • Plotter or a pantser? What works for you?
  • Honing your writing voice so it is uniquely yours.
  • What makes a great Chick-Lit character?
  • Do characters determine plot or does plot determine character?
  • Point of View. Can readers connect better to stories told in first person? Are third person stories taken more seriously?
  • How do you create active readers?
  • Dialogue. How to write a compelling, intriguing conversation and make sure your characters all sound different.
  • Why do middles often sag?
  • Writing endings that satisfy your reader.
  • Editing and revising

Okay, so that’s a rather brief overview, but rest assured the sessions will be fun, informative and slightly exhausting…but it will be worth it…

2 thoughts on “Intro to Chick-Lit Course!

  1. Hi Lisa

    I hope you have a great time. I did an online course last year with the Sydney Writers Centre and it was fabulous. I discovered that my ‘voice’ was a ‘chick-lit’ one and will need to learn more! Hopefully I will get to one of your courses one day!

    • Thanks, Kerry! Pleased to hear you have found your Chick-Lit voice…hopefully the weekend course will be a success and there’ll be others to follow. X

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