In praise of the magic of eBooks!

As some of you know, I have an eBook coming out soon. In fact, so soon that next week I’ll be revealing the ULTIMATE winning cover for The Callahan Split. Yippee!

For me, the eBook adventure has been several HUGE learning curves, especially as my five previous novels have been published, both print and electronic, with Allen & Unwin.

What I’ve learnt along the way is, that just because a manuscript is published as an eBook, doesn’t mean it’s in any way inferior. To get The Callahan Split to a publishable standard, my characters’ stories and my writing had to jump through several enormous hoops, no less arduous than my other writing hoops.

A10There are definitely similarities between print and eBooks such as:

Editors: Authors need them – even self-published authors. You may think that after re-writing and editing your manuscript twenty times, you don’t need structural and copy editors, plus a proof reader – that’s a minimum of THREE professionals – objectively reading your work. But you DO! I’ll just repeat this – YOU DO!

Cover Artist: Again, you need a graphic designer. When readers tell you they don’t judge books by their covers, they’re lying. We all do.

Marketing Guy/Girl: (Or a computer wizz who probably isn’t you.) I’m okay at writing stories, but I am CRAPOLA at creating an e-book in multiple formats for reading on a multitude of readers. It does my head in just writing this sentence! As with print book publishing, we need these gurus to get the word out and our books into the right hands, which will then result in $$$$. Or so we hope.

Can you tell I’m VERY excited?

Not only will The Callahan Split be saving trees, it will also be cheaper than my previous five books. YAY!

In addition to being cheaper, buying The Callahan Split (or any other book) as an eBook means:


1. You can eat and read at the same time. So hard with print books as you need at least one hand to hold a page down – and then if you’re eating a sandwich with beetroot in it and the beetroot falls out, that print book will be scarred for life and most probably ruined.

As evidenced here. I am not a messy eater by the way – but accidents DO happen.

2. Yes, with an eBook you DO have to power down during take-off and landing, BUT on the up side, the eReader is convenient! Not only can you store all six of my books on it, you can store thousands more and it won’t be any heavier to carry, or take up more luggage space when flying. (Remember kilo limits!)

3. Not only that but where ever you are in the world, you can download books almost instantly. How’s that for service? Just like magic!


4. With an eReader, you can increase the font size!

5. AND use it as a self defense weapon. Excellent!

(However, I wouldn’t recommend reading either a Kindle or print book in the bath tub!)


6. Cats, dogs and other animals are prone to chomping print books because they don’t like missing out on attention.


See what I mean!
7. Cats don’t go anywhere near Kindles.

Okay they do because they like ATTENTION – however only very few will try to bite them. They’re not silly.

8. The author gets to choose the cover, especially when self-published! Yay and Nay because (refer to my earlier point) we all judge books by their covers. When a publisher has the ultimate power, and punters don’t like the cover, authors can say ‘Yeah, I didn’t much care for it either…’ but when the author is GOD and thus gets to design and create the cover, ultimately the responsibility rests with them.

Or in this case, ME. I love The Callahan Split cover.

9. With a print book, you can cut away the pages and hide a gun. Not good! However, you can’t cut out the inside of a Kindle and do the same. This is very good!

One final thought – in a court room, can you swear on the download of the bible on a Kindle?

Print? eBook? Or both?


11 thoughts on “In praise of the magic of eBooks!

  1. Love this. This whole paper vs print is fascinating. I got to see Douglas Coupland at the Sydney Writers Festival and he spoke of how once one medium is superceded by another it allows the original to become an art form. He was speaking about how now, thanks to the Internet and immediate gratification, television has had the opportunity to step up and produce some beautifully shot and written material. Acclaimed authors are writing for television. Movie and theatre actors are on TV shows. Etc. I can feel this same thing being applied for books. That the paperbook will now develop in new and exciting ways now that ebooks have set a fire under their *tales*.

    • Wow, Robin. Interesting. Really, the whole creative world has opened up for us, which is a good thing. And it’s ever changing. Who knows what we’ll be reading, hearing and watching in a couple of years. Who’d have though Dick Tracey was our go to ‘future’ man. I’m still waiting for George Jettson’s space car!! Hurry up.

  2. I’m a prin book kind of girl. Not to say I don’t read ebooks, I just prefer the feel of the book in my hand, and I like seeing them on my shelf too. Ebooks are convenient though, especially when travelling. So much easier to lug around an ipad or kindle than five or six novels!
    Either way, if its a good book and one that interests me I’ll read it whether its hard copy or ebook.

    • Agree, Jodi. I love looking at my book shelves, surveying the books and remembering the stories I’ve read. BUT! Am embracing ‘saving the trees’ and eBooks.

  3. I’m very excited to see The Callahan Split and you can bet I’ll be downloading faster than you can say Game, Set and Match. I love your writing.. I’m so thrilled you’re venturing into this new territory and doing it with your special brand of verve, guts, adventure and success… I think the next move is more verve..but this time with some Veuve! well done you.

    • Aww, thank you Shelley. I am very excited but incredibly nervous as well. Mind you, I was anxious when my print books came out too.

  4. I love both Lisa. I currently have loads of print books waiting to be read and loads on my Kindle as well. But I still like the feel of a real book even though I am fond of my Kindle too. It is certainly handy for how many books a Kindle can store. I do love your sandwich with beetroot picture, it reminded me how I got a bit of olive oil on a page of a book I was reading last week… I just love reading in whatever format possible.

    • Ha, Cathy! Beetroot, olive oil, vegemite, tomato, avocado…all of these have been spilt on my books. I guess they are well loved but am embracing the Kindle..

  5. Oh yay Lise – how exciting! Once it’s out in the world and selling its little pants off – I look forward to hearing what you thought of the whole experience. I’ve not been traditionally published but I love the freedom I have with my ebook to do whatever I like without having to ask anyone!

    • Kelly, we have to talk!
      I am so excited about this because I’m in control, and yes, I love the freedom. I just hope the book sells a couple of copies.

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