For the love of book clubs!

A short post today in praise of book clubs! I love them!

I have belonged to my fabulous book club for about eight years now…maybe longer, with mums I met when my son was in kindergarten. He’s in Year 12 now, so maybe we’ve been together for more years than I care to remember.

In the beginning, we diligently met once a month and read books. Yes, we did. It wasn’t, as some people (MEN) would mutter dismissively ‘a women’s wine club’.


153-1024x683However, over the years, we’ve become busier, probably meet once a term if we’re lucky – and again, if we’re lucky we’ll mention the cover of a book we like ‘and really should get around to reading’. More often than not, we drink wine and gossip about our wayward teenagers.



Occasionally, we go out to dinner or to the movies. A few years back we went to the interactive ‘Sound of Music Singalong movie in lieu of our regular meeting. It’s a lot of fun…and I wouldn’t trade my book club for the world.



HOWEVER, last week I was invited to speak at a book club about my latest book and the writing process – and I was astounded. Yes, there was wine (lots) and cheese (lots) BUT these women were serious book readers, with an agenda and everything!


I had a wonderful evening, not only talking about my books, writing, publishing, and everything that entails, but also talking about books. I must say, I really need to read a lot more! I often felt quite ignorant and therefore ate quite a bit more of the cheese than I should have. (One shouldn’t talk with one’s mouth full!)

So, inspired by Jacqui and Co at their Grown Up Book Club, next time my book club meets (April 1!!!), I need to get tough and suggest we all read a book over the Easter holidays – no excuses. But of course there will be excuses. After all, our children are doing the HSC and we are crucial to their academic success and therefore must be available at all times…aka we are time poor!

Pass the wine!

 *PS if anyone out there belongs to a book club and wants me to come along…I’d love to, but perhaps if you’re based in Perth or Darwin, we could chat via Skype!

Happy reading!

22 thoughts on “For the love of book clubs!

  1. Your post made me wish I was in a book club! I tried it a few years ago with no luck – the women in the group were more interested in talking about politics than books so I stopped going. Maybe I should give it another go (with another group obviously) 🙂

    • Hi Denise, Yes, you certainly have to take care when choosing your ‘tribe’. I think our group clicked because we all had kindy kids at the time and craved adult company and an excuse to read…it’s changed somewhat now. We just want an excuse to escape the house!

  2. Oh Lisa, when you wrote ‘Pass the wine’ I thought you got that right sista! My eldest sat the HSC last year and her stress was indexed to my wine consumption!! Good luck. The year will fly and then you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about! I always have my nose in a book….perhaps if I didn’t my house would be tidier:-)

    • Ha! Tidy houses are over rated!
      RE the HSC, time does seem to be flying and Noah seems a lot more committed to study this year than last, so I’m happy!

    • Yes. On line definitely works and if you’re on FB you can just start a closed group. I know Allison Tait has one that you can join. I’m a member – a very quiet member. But her group is great re recommending books. I think they read one a month.

  3. The Sound of Music singalong sound like lots of fun!!! I have belonged to two book clubs. The first book we read was 100 years of solitude. I don’t think it set the mood very well for our book club. I was the only person who finished it. The club disbanded shortly after :/ The second book club I joined was a lovely little club, but I just ran out of time. I seriously would like to make time for a book club though. It’s great to share the story and experience with someone 🙂

    • The Sound of Music singalong will be forever etched in my memory! Hilarious.
      I know what you mean about being time poor. (Though if I stopped playing Candy Crush, I would have more.)
      Yes, that’s the best thing about book club, everyone has a different opinion of the chosen book and it makes for a great discussion when readers disagree.

  4. Hi Lisa, I am a big fan, love your books! Can’t believe you’ve linked up with us at IBOT and that *I* have the privilege of commenting on your post … the nerves and writer’s block are making me gush!!!!

    I’ve never been to a book club, which is a bit of a shame as I am a voracious reader. I will have to keep my eyes and ears peeled.

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT x

    • Thanks, janet! I hope to be a regular contributor to #IBOT but most of the time have no idea what to write about! However, I do like all the interaction with real bloggers and am fascinate by the range of topics covered every week. Such dedication and commitment from all of you. Very impressed. x

  5. Hey Lisa, your book club sounds great. I would love to read more and have only just started again. As my time increases I will look to this in the future. I’m sure there’s one out there I can join. But there has to be wine involved…..

  6. It just took me 4 goes to get through the simple maths question to validate myself… what’s wrong with 2 + ? = 4???

    Anyway, I always wanted to be part of a book club and I’ve tried a couple of times, but I just can’t quite make it work. I like Al’s online Pink Fibro Bookclub and that will have to do for me for now. x

  7. I think social groups/clubs should be allowed to evolve like yours has, as long as everyone is happy for that to happen. And let’s face it, the social interaction and common ground are often what people seek the most when they join a club.
    I’m just laughing at the concept of you turning up at your next meeting with a formal agenda, perhaps with a gavel to bang on the table, trying to whip your book club back into shape!

    • And a whip, Gael!
      We have to get it back into shape – all the founding members are present, we’ve just gone a tad feral! Wish me luck! After the night, I’ll write a follow up and tell you how it went. I am expecting rebellion!

    • And a whip, Gael!
      We have to get it back into shape – all the founding members are present, we’ve just gone a tad feral! Wish me luck! After the night, I’ll write a follow up and tell you how it went. I am expecting rebellion!

  8. How awesome for a book club to be able to get the actual author (YOU!) along to talk about their book!! I have loved the advent of Twitter and being able to share my thoughts about books with the actual author. It has completely changed the whole reading experience for me. I remember finishing ‘Sisters of Mercy’ and going on Twitter looking for someone to de-brief and having Caroline Overington say ‘debrief with me!’.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Caroline Overington is sweet, isn’t she. I love the immediacy of Twitter but find it a bit daunting talking in the moment…then leaving the conversation only to come back a day later and think ‘Oh no. Look at those notifications…people were having a conversation with me and I wasn’t there to participate!

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