A coffee or a really, really good book?

Hello and thank you to all the wonderful people who have bought It Started with a Kiss – either print or e-book version.

Zac and book

If you haven’t, well, I still like you anyway, but here’s your opportunity to buy the Kindle version for a whopping 90% off the list price.

For a very short time, It Started with a Kiss is NOW available at Amazon for only $2.61.

Did I just say $2.61?

Why, yes! Yes, I did. In less than a minute, you could be reading It Started with a Kiss!

Click here to get the book for $2.61

If parting with that kind of cash doesn’t tickle your fancy, and you’re thinking ‘but what if I hand over my hard-earned money and hate it?’, fear not, because you can actually download the first chapter for FREE and then make your decision.

Click here to download the first chapter for free

Amazon hasn’t told me how long the promotion will run, but they are usually short, so, don’t delay.

Leave a comment and two lucky readers will receive a mug and notebook.



You heard correctly! An It Started with a Kiss mug AND a notebook!  (Aren’t they both adorable?) I haven’t even given my mother a mug and notebook, but Mother’s Day looms and she may get lucky.

Lisa xx


11 thoughts on “A coffee or a really, really good book?

  1. Wow. That is one seriously big discount!!! I am looking for a new book to curl up with so this could be the one. I’m more of a hold in my hands turn the page kind of girl, so will head to the shops for this one – if it’s available there?

    • Hi Renee, I’m more of a ‘hold in the hands and turn the page’ kind of person too, but print is a lot pricier than digital. And yes, It Started with a Kiss is available at bookshops as well as Target and Big-W. If you do read it, let me know what you think! Lisa x

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